Imaging Manifestation and Treatment of Nephroblastoma

Dapeng Song


Neonoblastoma is also known as renal embryos, Wilms tumor, originated in the undifferentiated posterior renal embryo base, can form a variety of components of the kidney. It shows Kidney cell tumor accounts for more than 80% of children under 15 years of age with malignant genitourinary tumors, accounting for about 8% of children's solid tumors. Statistics of domestic 6 pediatric hospital 2133 cases of malignant solid tumors, there are 503 cases of nephroblastoma (24%), the diagnosis of age 1 to 5 years old accounted for 75%, the highest age is 1 to 3 years old, the average age is 3.1 year old. 90% of cases diagnosed when the age is less than 7 years old, rare in adults and newborns. Male and female gender and left and right side of the same, bilateral accounted for 1.4% to 10.3%, the average age of diagnosis is 15 months. Abdominal mass is the most common symptoms, about 75% of patients with abdominal mass or abdominal distension treatment. As the lumps at a later time do not affect the nutritional and health of children, and no other symptoms, so more because parents give their children bath or dressing was accidental discovery, and often not the parents attention and delay treatment. Late tumor increased, children by huge tumor oppression, may have shortness of breath, loss of appetite, weight loss, irritability phenomenon. Gross hematuria rare, but microscopic hematuria can be as high as 25%. 25% to 63% of patients may have high blood pressure performance. A very small number of nephroblastoma spontaneous ulceration, clinical manifestations similar to acute abdomen. This study aims to investigate the imaging findings of B-ultrasonography, CT and MRI in nephroblastoma. Methods: Eight patients were examined by this study, and the lesion size, edge, internal structure and enhancement were observed. The results of the examination have the same, but the degree of display and subtle structure is different. Through medical images can be on the examination of the disease can make a diagnosis, MR the most diagnostic value. Comprehensive data can significantly improve the diagnostic accuracy.

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