The 48th World Polymer Congress (IUPAC-MACRO2020+)

The 48th World Polymer Congress (IUPAC-MACRO2020+) will be held from May 16th to 20th, 2021 in Jeju Island, South Korea. This event was initially scheduled 5-9 July 2020.


The IUPAC-World Polymer Congress is the largest biennial international multi-symposium conference dedicated to all aspects of polymer science and engineering. Over the years, the MACRO conference has developed a strong reputation for bringing together cutting edge research from top international scientists in the field of polymer science. For IUPAC-MACRO2020+, seven distinguished plenary speakers and more than 200 renowned speakers will be invited from all over the world including many active female scientists.


The 48th World Polymer Congress will be hosted by the Polymer Society of Korea (PSK) to facilitate exchange and encourage cooperation in our common field. The PSK was founded in 1976 and consists of over 4,500 members from diverse polymer-related fields including polymer chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.


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