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Related Item Sets

Journal Managers can edit, add to, and check any of the discipline- and area-based sets of Reading Tools. These Tools use databases that have been selected because of their relevance and accessibility by all readers. Because the location and URLs of these databases do change, the Journal Manager needs to be able to change or even delete listings. The tools are grouped into categories (e.g., Related Studies, Dissertations, etc.), with a number of databases in each.

Validate Reading Tools. This feature will check the validity of the search URLs that are used with each database to find items that are relevant to the item the tools accompany (by using the author's indexing terms). If the URL is invalid the Journal Manager can fix the settings by finding the new URL, seeking help from someone else, or deleting the database from the set of Reading Tools. As this feature runs through each database, it takes some time to complete and will result in a statement for each of the databases attesting to its validity or the source of the problem.

Metadata for each set of Reading Tools. The metadata for each set of tools provides the title of the tools, and a brief description, allowing the Journal Manager to modify the organization of the tools or create new sets.

Contexts for the set. Each set of tools consists of various groupings, or contexts, of databases (e.g., Related Studies, Online Forums, etc.) with each context consisting of a number of relevant databases. These databases can be created, edited or deleted. The groupings can also be reordered.

Export the data. If the Journal Manager develops additional reading tools, these can be exported to the Public Knowledge Project for use by other journals in related fields.