Doppler-echo guided angioplasty in the treatment of arterio-venous fistula stenosis for hemodialysis

Eduardo Mateos Torres, Meritxell Mellado Joan, Laura Calsina Juscafresa, Carlos Ruiz Carmona, Albert Clará Velasco

Article ID: 1745
Vol 5, Issue 1, 2022, Article identifier:34-39

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Introduction: Stenoses in the path of arteriovenous fistulas (AVF) for hemodialysis are a very prevalent problem and there is long experience in their treatment by percutaneous angioplasty (PTA). These procedures, however, involve non-negligible equipment requirements, exposure to radiation and intravenous contrast that are not beneficial for the patient and make their performance more complex. This study reviews our initial experience with Doppler ultrasound-guided angioplasty. Methods: Prospective cohort of patients with native AVF dysfunction due to significant venous stenosis treated by Doppler echo-guided PTA. AVF puncture, lesion catheterization, balloon localization and inflation, and outcome verification were performed under ultrasound guidance. Only one fistulography was performed before and another one after dilatation. As a control, the cases performed during the same period by the usual angiographic method were also collected. Results: Between February 2015 and September 2018, 51 PTAs were performed on native AVF, of which 27 were echogenic (mean age, 65.3 years; 63% male). The technical success rate was 96%. In 26% of cases, PTA was repeated due to residual stenosis after angiographic imaging. There were 7.3% periprocedural complications. 92% of the AVFs were punctured at 24 hours. Primary patency at 1 month, 6 months and 1 year was 100%, 64.8% and 43.6%, and assisted patency was 100%, 87.2% and 74.8%. There were no significant differences in immediate or late results with respect to angiographically guided AVF angioplasty. Conclusions: AVF-PTA can be performed safely and effectively guided by Doppler ultrasound, which simplifies the logistics required for its performance, although we still need to improve the capacity for early verification of the result with this imaging technique.


Surgical Arteriovenous Shunt; Hemodialysis; Doppler Ultrasound; Angioplasty

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