A dual-model-based inversion method for integrated aperture radiometer imaging

Jianfei Chen, Li Zhu, Yuehua Li

Article ID: 1720
Vol 2, Issue 1, 2019

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To address the problem that the imaging inversion method based on a single model in integrated aperture imaging is difficult to effectively correct model errors and perform accurate image reconstruction, a dual-model (DM)-based integrated aperture imaging inversion method is proposed for correcting the parametric errors of the inversion model and performing highly accurate millimeter-wave image reconstruction of the target scene. In view of the different parameter sensitivities of the Fourier transform (MFFT) model and the G-matrix (GM) model, the proposed DM method first corrects the imaging parameters with errors accurately by comparing the reconstruction errors of the two models; then recon-structs a high-precision target image based on the accurate GM model with the help of an improved regularization method. It is proved by simulation experiments that the proposed DM method can effectively correct the parameter errors of the imaging model and reconstruct the target scene with high accuracy in millimeter wave images compared with the traditional single-model imaging method.


Millimeter Wave; Integrated Aperture; Radiometer; Imaging Method; Regularization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24294/irr.v2i1.1720


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