On Boeing 737 – 300 Wing Aerodynamics Calculations Based on VLM Theory

Jacob Nagler


In this paper, aerodynamics coefficients of Boeing 737 - 300 are calculated using VLM (vortex lattice method) theory. The wing was divided into panels of the size: 6X6. The wing was assumed to be planar and the panels are in the trapezoid shape. Aerodynamics lifting and moment coefficients were calculated. Also, center of pressure location was found using data from VLM and wing geometry. Comparisons between literature, finite wing theory and VLM theory were done. It was found that maximum lifting coefficient error between literature and VLM is about 4.0%. Moreover, the maximum lifting coefficient error between finite wing theory and VLM is about 2.2%. Center of pressure location error between finite wing theory and VLM is about 0.5%.


VLM; Finite wing theory; Lifting coefficient; Moment coefficient; Center of pressure

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