Use Waste Industrial Alabaster in Green Concrete

aynoor jan, Aynoor jan


 The environmental troubles that are related to cement manufacturing makes the new studies moving forward to use materials that have less environmental impact, Thus, in this paper, waste marble powder (WMP) that results from cutting alabaster slabs, were utilized as  recycled material as keep on resources. (WMP) were used as a partial replacement of cement in three different percentages (11%, 13%, and 15% of cement weight. Preparing of samples, curing in water for (7, 14, and 28) days was done. The results demonstrate increasing in compressive strength at 15% from marble powder. The flexural tensile strength showed high value at 11% whereas, splitting tensile strength showed the highest value at 13%. The characterization measurement (XRD) appeared sharp peak intensity of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) at (28 days) of curing time. FTIR spectroscopy appeared at wavelength range (1400- 1550) cm-1 shows strong peaks of double bond (C=O) that refers to calcium carbonate (CaCO3) existence.


Marble powder;Environment impact; Mechanical properties; Calcium carbonate.

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