Ion-Specific Effects on Equilibrium Adsorption Layers of Ionic Surfactants

Stoyan I. Karakashev


This review article reports on the effect of the counter-ions on the ionic surfactant adsorption layer and its relation to the stability of foams and emulsions. The adsorption theory of Davies about the ionic surfactant monolayer was revisited and it is shown how to account for the type of the counter-ions. The experimental validation of this theory on thin liquid films was shown as well, thus explaining the effect of Hofmeister. However their effect on foams and emulsions is more complex. Furthermore, it is shown how the counter-ions affect in complex way the stability of foams and emulsions via the surfactant adsorption layer in the light of the newest theory. To elucidate the nature of this effect further investigation is called for. 


Ionic Surfactants; Ion Specific Effects; Effect of Hofmeister

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