Degradation of AY36 using TiO2-UV photocatalytic system

Palak Palak 1, Shivani Chauhan 1, Krishan Kumar 2, A.K. Haritash 3

Article ID: 404
Vol 2, Issue 1, 2019

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This studyinvestigates the efficacy of photocatalytic degradation process using TiO2-UV configuration for treatment of waste water containing textile dye Acid Yellow 36 (AY36).Acid Yellow 36 dye was degraded using catalyst TiO2 in analkaline medium of pH8.0.A dose of 0.25g of TiO2 was used for 88.4% degradation of initial concentration of 20mg/l AY36 dye in 28 hrs. The effect of parameters such as pH, initial dye concentration, amount of TiO2used, and exposure to UV light/irradiation on degradation of AY36 was investigated.Further it was observed that suspended TiO2 in dye solution shows more effective results towards dye degradation, than embedded TiO2 in the form of alginate beads. The study concluded that photocatalytic degradation is a potential tool for degradation of azo dyes.


TiO2; acid yellow 36; advanced oxidation process (AOPs); photocatalysis

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