Research progress of microRNA in immune system

Lingyang Cheng, Jianpeng Lv, Yaling Sun


MicroRNA (miRNA) is a single-stranded small molecule RNA of non-coding proteins with a length of about 18-24 nucleotides in eukaryotic cells. It is widely found in multicellular organisms and viruses. The miRNA itself is not encoding protein which is mainly through the nucleic acid sequence complementary pairing to a specific target mRNA and inhibit the target mRNA translation process or degradation of target mRNA, thereby inhibiting protein synthesis and regulation of gene expression. According to reports, microRNAs are widely involved in the physiological and biochemical immune response process and their dysfunction may lead to tumorigenesis, viral infection, abnormal expression of hematopoietic cells and immune diseases (RA, SLE) and other pathological phenomena. This paper describes the related mechanisms of mirna and some progress in the immune system.


microRNA (miRNA); target gene; immune system

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