Correlation between Business Administration and Economic Development

Jianye Zang, Yue Feng, Yaowei Guo


Business administration is a national macro-control mechanism formed in recent years with the deepening of economic development. With the deepening of the development of economic globalization, China's has more and more frequent economic market exchanges in various fields with international market. Although China's economic development has brought a very considerable development prospects, but also face challenges of all aspects. In order to further improve the functions of business administration, stabilize the social development situation, strengthen its economic role and promote the sustained and healthy development of the social market economy, the Chinese government has improved the relevant laws and regulations and improved the authority of the business administration. Not only the development of targeted laws and regulations, but also a reasonable use of the benefits of business administration. At the same time, the basic institutions responsible for industrial and commercial management in China should also improve the relevant management facilities resources. Business management is an important means and means of government macro-control, the development of the national economy has played a huge role in promoting, it is also adapted to the current economic and social development of a discipline, advanced management concepts and internal settings have become a solid economic development backing. This article will analyze the characteristics, development history and basic functions of the business administration, and on this basis, talk about their understanding of how business management can promote economic development.


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