Synthesis and Characterization of Meso-Tetra (o-nitro) phenyltetraphenylporphyrin (Ⅳ)

Hengliang Zhang, Hongxia Liao, Minqin Li


Benzoporphyrin is a porphyrin derivative with β-pyrrole ring and benzene ring. It is a macrocyclic aromatic compound with 18π electron structure. Because of the benzene ring, the porphyrin conjugation system is expanded, which enriches the π-electrons with special structure and properties. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and can be used as a new type of photosensitizing molecules. It shows good application in light functional materials prospect. In this paper, the thermo-coagulation method was used to synthesize the intermediate-tetrakis (o-nitro) n phenyltetraphenylpyridinium zinc (Ⅱ) (P-phenanthroline) by using potassium phthalimide, o-nitrophenylacetic acid and zinc acetate as raw materials. With hydrochloric acid and glacial acetic acid zinc ions were removed in the ice water bath, resulting in the media-tetra (o-nitro) phenyl tetraphenylporphyrin. Under microwave heating, the median-four (O-nitro) phenyl tetraphenylporphyrin (Ⅳ) was prepared by the reaction of o-nitro-phenyl-tetraphenylporphyrin with stannous chloride. These compounds were characterized using UV and infrared spectroscopy.

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