Numerical investigation of flow boiling heat transfer in helically coiled tube under constant heat flux

Mohammad Ali Abdous 1, Shahriyar Ghazanfari Holagh, Hamid Saffari

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Vol 1, Issue 2, 2018, Article identifier:

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Numerical study of subcooled and saturated flow boiling in the curved and helically  coiled tubes in presence of phase change is one of the challenging area of CFD studies. In this paper, the CFD modeling of the nucleate and convective flow boiling in the small helically coiled tube at low vapor quality (up to the 18.93 percent) region is studied. A proper Eulerian-based mathematical model is used for interphase exchange forces and heat transfer between two phases in CFD modeling using Bulk boiling model. The results show that, the inner and the bottom wall of the helically coiled tube have the lowest and the highest heat transfer coefficient, respectively. The effect of change in coil diameter, helical pitch and tube diameter is investigated on the counters of vapor volume fraction. It is seen that at low vapor quality flows, the heat transfer coefficient is enhanced by decreasing in coil diameter, tube diameter and increasing in coil pitch of helically coiled tube. 


Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) , helically coiled tube, boiling heat transfer coefficient, void fraction, pressure drop

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