Design and implementation of an off-grid hybrid microgrid for Chittagong and Faridpur

Abu Rayhan, Mahmidul Hasan Bhuiyan, Sk. A. Shezan, Fatin Ishraque, Altab Hossain, Siam Iqbal, Mehedi Hasan, Sharmin Akter Asha

Article ID: 2292
Vol 6, Issue 2, 2023

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The challenge of rural electrification has become more challenging today than ever before. Grid-connected and off-grid microgrid systems are playing a very important role in this problem. Examining each component’s ideal size, facility system reactions, and other microgrid analyses, this paper proposes the design and implementation of an off-grid hybrid microgrid in Chittagong and Faridpur with various load dispatch strategies. The hybrid microgrids with a load of 23.31 kW and the following five dispatch algorithms have been optimized: (i) load following, (ii) HOMER predictive, (iii) combined dispatch, (iv) generator order, and (v) cycle charging dispatch approach. The proposed microgrids have been optimized to reduce the net present cost, CO2 emission, and levelized cost of energy. All five dispatch strategies for the two microgrids have been analyzed in HOMER Pro. Power system reactions and feasibility analyses of microgrids have been performed using ETAP simulation software. For both the considered locations, the results propound that load following is the outperforming approach having the lowest energy cost of $0.1728/kWh, operational cost of $2944.13, present cost of $127,528.10, and CO2 emission of 2746 kg/year for the Chittagong microgrid and lowest energy cost of $0.2030/kWh, operating cost of $3530.34, present cost of 149,287.30, and CO2 emission of 3256 kg/year for Faridpur microgrid with a steady reaction of the power system.


renewable energy technology; optimization; power system stability; control technique; coastal area

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