Research Progress of Pre - transition Metal Olefin Polymerization Catalyst for Salicylaldehyde Imine

Lulu Hou, Hongyu Ren, Baoli Guo


Salicylaldehyde imine transition metal catalyst is a kind of olefin polymerization catalyst which is widely used in the coordination of salicylaldehyde imine ligand and pre-transition metal. Salicylaldehyde imine ligands have the characteristics of easily insert different substituents via organic synthesize. Therefore, the regulation of the polymerization activity, polymerization product and product distribution can be achieved by changing the steric hindrance effect, electronic effect and the number of metal active sites which near the catalytic active center. The development status of the transition metal catalyst of salicylaldehyde imide was summarized in this paper. The influence of the ligand structure of salicylaldehyde imide transition metal catalyst on the catalytic performance which involved the high selectivity ethylene trimerization, ethylene / α-olefin, / Polar monomer copolymerization, ethylene polymerization production of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and many other areas of olefin polymerization was elaborated and providing references for further study and industrial applications of this catalyst.

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