Laue Diffraction of Divergent Beams of Mössbauer and X-ray Photons in Perfect Crystals

Alexey Yaroslav Dzyublik, V. Yu. Spivak


The dynamical scattering theory is developed for the Laue diffraction of the Mössbauer rays and x-rays spread over the angle comparable with the diffraction angular range, taking into account both the Rayleigh and the resonant nuclear scattering. We consider standard experimental geometry when incident radiation first passes through an entrance slit and afterwards diffracts at the crystal planes within the Borrmann triangle. In calculations of the wave function of -photon, scattered by such strongly absorbing crystals, we apply the saddle-point method. The intensity distribution of the refracted and diffracted beams over the basis of the Borrmann triangle is analyzed. 


Mössbauer Spectroscopy; Laue Diffraction; Dynamical Scattering Theory; Photon Wave Function; X-rays

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