An ultrathin compact metamaterial based wideband reflective linear polarization rotator

Deepak Sood 1, Krishan Gopal 1


In this paper, a wideband and compact metamaterial based reflective polarization rotator is theoretically and experimentally demonstrated. The proposed design converts linearly polarized incident wave to its cross polarized wave and exhibits wideband reflective polarization rotation from 8.40 to 12.41 GHz with relative bandwidth of 38.5%. The structure exhibits linear polarization conversion for wide oblique angles of incident wave. The proposed structure is compact with its unit cell size of ~0.19λ0 and ultrathin with its overall thickness of ~0.055λ0 (at the center frequency of 10.41 GHz) as compared to the existing polarization rotators. A prototype of the proposed design has been fabricated and its experimental verifications are observed in agreement with the simulated results.   


Polarization rotation; metamaterial; wideband polarizer; compact.

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