A Review Study on Document Management System

Katyaini Mahajan, Prasenjit Banerjee


The research looks at several research papers on the topic of recommender systems and management of unstructured documents and summarizes all features that they deem as important. Further it proposes a system that utilizes machine learning techniques to add powerful functionality to the system. As we read further we will realize that most prior research focuses on proposing a system that robustly handles document classification, such that direct search queries are faster and more accurate. In the system we propose, the research focuses on using comprehensive information available in the document to answer queries that may not have direct answers. As the system learns how to put together information that may have relevance to the user query, it becomes useful in that it now performs any operations that a human performs much more accurately and faster.


Recommendation System; Journal Recommender; Unstructured Documents;Knowledge Management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/csma.v0i0.988


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