Research Progress of Low Dielectric Benzoxazine Resin

Qiuping Yin, Zhenbo Zhang, Hongyu Liu


Benzoxazine resin, a new type of phenolic resin, has many advantages such as strong molecular design, no small molecular release in the curing process, excellent thermal stability and mechanical properties, and high residual carbon ratio. Thus, it is important for electronic communication industry matrix material. To meet the needs of high-frequency and high -speed communication technology for low-dielectric polymer resin, the low dielectric modification of benzoxazine resin is of great significance to the high frequency and high speed propagation of the signal, which causes a wide range of materials researcher’s attention. In this paper, we reviewed a series of studies on the low dielectric modification of benzoxazine resin in recent years, including the synthesis of new monomers, inorganic - organic hybridization, copolymerization with other resins, and low molecular weight benzoxazine Resin research trends were outlined.

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