Maintenance and Fault Handling of ZD6 Series Electric Switch Machine

Xueli Qi, Fenglou Yang, Wanzhu Xie


Turnout and conversion system is essential for rail transit infrastructure, it is the weak links on the line, the need for specialized technology and facilities to protect the safety of the train. Turnout conversion and locking, is directly related to traffic safety key equipment. Turnout of the manipulation is divided into manual, electric two kinds of ways. Manual is the operator through the turnout grip in the field directly manipulate the turnout of the conversion and locking. This method is low efficiency, labor intensity, cannot meet the requirements of railway modernization. Manual mode is positive with the non-centralized chain was transformed and gradually reduced. Electric way, is converted by various types of switch machines and lock the turnout, easy to focus on the operation, to achieve automation. The switch machine is used to reliably switch the turnout position, change the turnout direction, lock the turnout track, reflecting the turnout position. The switch machine is an important signal basic equipment, it is to ensure traffic safety, improve transport efficiency, improve the driving force of labor degree, and play a very important role. To meet the train speed after the traffic safety and improve transport efficiency of the requirements, turnout conversion device must be high security, high reliability, long life, and less maintenance. ZD6-type electric switch machine cannot meet this requirement, so now widely used S700K-type electric switch and ZYJ7 type electric hydraulic switch machine. Their common features are: the use of external locking, sharp and heart of the dynamic security from the external lock to ensure that the two sharp rails from the linkage to split; sharp track, heart track are more traction, can achieve the whole Close the paste and the whole folder foreign body inspection to ensure the safety of the train; the use of three-phase asynchronous motor failure, and long life.

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