Design and Scheme of Network System

Chunhe Tan, Yuping Liu, Wenjian Fang


With the development of economy and society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the phenomenon of office at home is becoming more and more common. The network plays a vital role here. Community of network engineering to provide convenience for people at the same time, its security is also extremely important. Technology in the continuous development of the network into every household, the study of such a daily life for the needs of the network engineering integration program is essential. In this subject, according to the characteristics of the district specifically designed a set of network engineering program. This paper mainly introduces the related network technology, the choice of equipment, the network formation of the district, the division of IP address, the integrated wiring, and the network security. According to people's daily life and management of the basic situation, designed a safe and efficient network system to facilitate people's lives, improve people's quality of life.

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