Design and Application of Motion Control System Based on Xscale and Embedded

Yunfei Zhao, Xiong Chen, Yueming Zheng


With the rapid development of computer technology, microelectronics and related technologies, embedded systems are being applied to more and more fields. In industrial control, especially in motion control, the complex control and processing, in the past more use of industrial computers and PLC as a processor. However, there are many disadvantages to the use of industrial computers and PLCs in smaller applications such as mobile robots. The embedded motion control system based on microprocessors and embedded Linux is small in size, has strong processing power and flexibility. More and more applications. In this paper, we study the motion control system based on embedded Linux. The host computer built by Intel Xscale architecture microprocessor PXA255 adopts the embedded Linux operating system. The DC motor digital servo control board constructed by AT89S52 is used as the lower motion control unit, which communicates through the serial interface to form a movement Control System.

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