Study of Nuclear Structure of 20,22Na isotopes by using USDA interaction

Ali Abid Abojassim


In this work, the shell model was applied to study the nuclear structure .Calculations were carried out in the (sd-shell) model space with different potentials using the shell model code OXBASH by applying spin-parity of valance nucleons .The calculated energy levels and the reduced electric quadruple transition probability B(E2)and Magnetic quadrilateral transition probability B(M1) for isotopes (20,22Na) with OXBASH code and (USDA) interaction files. The theoretical values for energy levels and the transition probability are in good agreement with experimental results for each isotope. New energy levels have been predicted for all the isotopes in this work. Many unconfirmed experimental energy levels were confirmed by our calculations.


Nuclear Structure; shell model; 20,22Na isotopes; USDA interaction

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