Design and Implementation of Audio Detection System

Huagong Li, Tingting Xu, Yuqian Zheng, Li Zhang


Environmental noise monitoring is an important link in improving the quality of life and strengthening environmental protection. In the bustling neighborhoods and residential areas of major cities, large-scale of environmental noise pollution have erected the streets. The design is mainly based on MCS89C5 1 microcontroller, which is the core of the audio detection system design. Capacitive electret microphone work by the principle of the sensor, the sound signal converts into electrical signal output when the microphone receiving noise, and then through the hardware circuit: amplify the signal, filtering A / D conversion circuit and software program control to complete the sound frequency detection function. Detection of the sound frequency display through the LED digital display, this design of the audio detection system is low cost, portable, can display environment noise digitally and so on. This can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, institutions and schools that need to measure and control the environment noise.

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