On the Core Competence of Enterprises

Jingshan Liu, Haoyu Lu, Xuesi Li


The economic crisis has tested the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, but the crisis is the challenge and the opportunity. Responding to the economic crisis, enterprises in China should rethink the choice of strategy and build the core competitive advantage. The economic crisis is the test of the competitiveness of enterprises, to survive and develop in the economic crisis must be the core competitiveness of enterprises. The core competitiveness of enterprises is the main factor for the survival and development of enterprises, how to make enterprises continue to be invincible in the key. A successful business must have its core competencies, which need to be developed, nurtured, constantly consolidated and updated, because even if the establishment of the core competitiveness, there may be disintegrated. How to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises has become an important issue in business management. Enterprise core competitiveness is the enterprise through its organizational capital and social capital of the organic combination and play, and can effectively access, coordination and configuration of various resources and technology integration advantages. That is, enterprises in the industry itself have a dominant position in the resources and capabilities. Based on the current situation of the core competitiveness of enterprises, this paper analyzes the reasons for the lack of core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and tries to explore a way to improve the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and take some enterprises in Xuzhou as an example.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/bam.v1i1.230


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