Construction Technology and Quality Control of Bored Pile

Minqiang Xiao, Wenya Lu, Jun Li


Bored pile is a kind of pile. Bored pile means mechanical drilling and steel pipe compaction to form a pile hole in the foundation of soil. The pile is filled with reinforced concrete. The pile type is defined by the classification of piles. This article is starting from the actual work practice (Cangnan County People's Court comprehensive building project). The construction technology of the bored pile is introduced, including the construction process, the construction machinery, and the method of the key introduction for this construction. According to the construction technology and the process, the factors that are influencing the bearing capacity of the borehole and clay layer involved in this project are analyzed. Followed by the construction of the project during the construction of the catheter water, reinforced cage floating and other accidents to analyze and deal with the treatment methods and describe the preventive measures taken. The summary of the construction of Bored piles equipment are simple, process is more complex, concealment and other characteristics must be strictly in accordance with the construction specifications.

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